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Full Service SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plans, Packages and add-on Services

Conklin Web Solutions has been providing aggressive SEO solutions and services in addition to website development for clients across the United States for over 25 years.  We are not a big fancy firm, we keep our overhead low so we can deliver exceptional value with a focus on businesses who need to compete on a Fortune 500 level.  We’re also very good at giving brand new businesses a very well established appearance online, instantly getting them a solid and competitive footing in their respective markets.

We have generalized packages listed for reference and to give you an idea what types of SEO work to expect, as well as a la carte options available. However, we create ALL of our SEO plans specifically based on the priority needs of your project and budget, in a way that gets you noticeable results as quickly as possible.

Try us out, there’s no obligation, and no minimum term required, cancel at anytime.  But once someone sees the results for themselves, they begin to realize why we’ve retained so many of our clients for over 10 years.

* PLEASE NOTE!  Plan details are provided for a general reference only, and generally include much more than what is listed.  There is no “one size fits all” SEO plan, every website or SEO project has unique circumstances and situations that require specific consideration and methods, customized and prioritized based on importance and impact.

All of our plans include at a minimum:

Manual search audit on, on-page meta tags audit, technical issues audit, sitemap audit (and creation, if necessary), site and mobile speed audit, Google Analytics Audit, Google Tag Manager Audit (if applicable), errors, redirections (as needed), mobile usability, page speed testing, social media / directory listing analysis, audits, and account creations as needed, and more.  These are really just some of the basics and are mentioned mostly just for a quick reference.

Basic SEO Plan Details: $500/month

Research, Assessment & Strategy:
The first few weeks, we will spend a lot of time on research and understanding your business and perform a thorough technical assessment of your website & market reach.  We then focus the initial SEO strategy on the most important issues your website is facing at the time of the audit for faster, almost instant results.

Keyword Research & Onsite Optimization:
Includes Page Text/Content, Meta-Description, H1, H2, Alt Tags, and URL optimization, enhancements and improvements for up to 75 pages on your site.

Competitive Assessments:
We examine & analyze the top 3-5 competitor’s strategies and their marketing efforts along with the other data we interpret from the research, assessment & strategy phase to look for and capitalize on opportunities.

Enhanced SEO Plan Details: $1000/month

The Enhanced SEO Plan provides all of the Basic Plan features, along with the following:

Local Citation Building:
Get your business listed in local directories, with good saturation on all of the most relevant platforms, with NAP consistency and completing all of those profiles & networks using all available features and with SEO in mind to send the right signals to the search engines.

Content Creation / Blogging:
We will create content on a regular basis for use in several areas including your choice of blogs, onsite pages, geo-targeted pages, newsletters,  guest blog posts, press releases and more.

Site Audit:
We will do a thorough site audit annually and create a plan for fixing issues, improving return on investment, increasing conversions, building brand recognition and more.

Advanced SEO Plan Details: $1500/month

The Advanced SEO Plan provides all of the Basic and Enhanced Plan features, along with the following:

Structured Data:
We install structured data markup and rich content snippets on all key pages of your website.

Conversational Content:
We study search marketing trends to assess what people are saying via voice search and add in some elements that gives your business a chance to get in on this new form of search.

Monthly Newsletter / e-Blast:
We can inform your current customers of specials, promotions and events that you are offering. Or perhaps be creative with an e-Blast targeting your email list of prospects.

High Impact SEO Plan Details: $2500/month

The High Impact SEO Plan provides all of the Basic, Enhanced and Advanced Plan features, along with the following:

Technical SEO:
We take a much deeper look into coding, performance and metrics while we also look to uncover issues that may hinder SEO, and perform various and detailed audits with several different tools on a monthly basis.

Click-Through Optimization:
With Google Analytics and Search Console Data, we can make key adjustments that will help improve click-through rates for targeted pages on any website.

Google Correlate:
This involves the study of trends and researching other terms people make also search for when looking for your service or product.

Extreme SEO Plan Details: $5000/month

The Extreme SEO Plan provides all of the Basic, Enhanced, Advanced and High Impact Plan features, along with the following:

Advanced Convertibles:
We can plan and implement dynamic forms, special promotions, coupons to assist with conversion optimization as needed or desired.

Landing Page Creation / Testing:
We create up to 5 A/B landing page variations annually.  Having A/B testing helps decide which “version” or “design” of a landing page is best.  It helps improve knowing where call to action elements are best placed, how they’re styled, what images to use and their placement.  All of these factors can be tested in various ways to find the best combination and result – all to improve conversions on any particular page on your website.

Social Media Ad Management
We create and Manage Ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn if desired.

PPC Management:
Advanced management of Google Adwords and Bing AdSpend with optimization using Wordstream Search & Display (including Remarketing) We also manage Google Shopping if desired. Call Tracking is included for local numbers. Spend Limit by Client is $5000 monthly before an additional 7.5% management fee is applicable.

Quarterly Backlink Audits:
We perform a detailed analysis of backlinks coming to your site and take appropriate action to continue building them or disavowing them as needed.

Monthly Strategy Meetings:
We’re available for online or in-person meeting to discuss your SEO campaign, results and trends.

We provide additional Interactive Reporting using Google Docs with information gathered from Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) Google Analytics, and others.

Add on SEO services:

Newsletters or Email Blast:
$200 each

Advanced Programming:
$200 Hourly

Design Work:
$100 Hourly

Additional Press Release Credits:
$200 each

Additional Blog Articles:
$200 each

Additional Locations pages:
$200 each

Additional A/B Landing Pages:
$200 each

Social Media Postings:
Normally $200 to $400 depending on project work and goals.

Site Automation:
Cost of software desired and $100 per hour.

Additional Landing Pages:
$200 each

Link Building:
To Be Quoted.

Feedback on these add-ons will be added to normal reporting.