Understanding Keywords

Understanding Keywords

A solid SEO plan relies heavy on keyword research.  Learn the importance of understanding keywords and how to get the most from them.

What are keywords?

  • Words or phrases people or potential clients enter into search engines
  • How Google and search engines recognize what your content is about
  • Words that describe your product, service or brand offerings

A typical keyword research plan needs:

  • A list of topics that are important to your product or service
  • A list of words and phrases that support and connect to those topics
  • Keyword research tools that show search volume and competition
  • A link building or content strategy that targets those keywords

Three main types of keywords to consider:

  • Short-tail keywords: One word, high search volumes, difficult to rank for.
  • Medium-tail keywords: 3-4 words, lower search volume, easier to rank for.
  • Long-tail keywords: The easiest to rank for, with the lowest search volume. 

Does your keyword strategy need a few adjustments? Get in touch with us. We’re here to help.



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